California Society

The California Society is led by a Board of Governors representing about 500 members in Northern California and in three Town Committees located in Southern and Central California.


Northern California

The California Society began in San Francisco in 1895. The state headquarters is at the Octagon House, San Francisco. Northern California Members preserve and care for this house museum, support veterans and active military families and enjoy exploring California history.

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LA-Pasadena-Santa Barbara

created in 1915, the Los Angeles-Pasadena-Santa Barbara Committee serves Southern California members. This group has been active in historic preservation and provides leadership for NSCDA’s historic properties: Sulgrave Manor, Dumbarton House and Gunston Hall. The LA-P-SB members also support the Congressional Essay Contest in local schools.

San Diego

The San Diego County Committee began in 1940. The committee has close ties to the San Diego military community and supports the local USO. Members also assist with Immigration and Naturalization Ceremonies and have an impressive tradition of supporting community historic properties as well as providing historical materials for schools and libraries.


Monterey Peninsula

The Monterey Peninsula Committee was formed in 1985. Members live in Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties and represent talented and dedicated women of many ages and careers. This committee emphasizes patriotic service and historic preservation projects and has consistently supported major scholarships in the fields of American history and government. Members enjoy activities and lectures in historic settings highlighting local art and history experts.