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The Octagon House Celebrated its 150th Birthday in 2011

The Octagon House in San Francisco has many stories to tell.  Built in 1861 we celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2011 and recounted its history in an article published by The Argonaut, the Journal of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society.

Orson S. Fowler’s Book The Octagon House: A Home For All

The Octagon House was built in 1861 following the building trend that had swept America.  Interested? read the following excerpt from Orson S. Fowler’s Book:  The Octagon House – A Home For All.

By 1857 at least 1,000 such houses had been built around the country as well as a number of octagonal churches, schoolhouses, barns and pigsties.

Years before Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, O.S. Fowler (the phrenologist) subscribed to the notion that form follows function and thus arrived at the octagonal shape as being ideal for houses. In his mind it provided for the greatest utilization of space along with many other significant advantages….

 Published in 1973 by Dover Publications, Inc.